40+ DIY Gabion Fence Ideas for 2019

(28) DIY Gabion Fence Ideas for 2019

They are called Gabions wire cages or baskets filled with rocks used in road building and military applications. Today more and more people are using this method to landscape and fence their yards. It is a great complement to modern homes and people love it with the various designs you could create using different rock colours.

Contrary to how it looks, gabion walls are strong structures and offer many advantages. First is that gabions are inherently flexible, allowing for some soil movement in the area. Instead of breaking, as is with concrete structures, gabions simply deform. This is why they are used as protection against slope erosion.The second advantage of gabion walls is their strength. The wire mesh are not simply containers for these rocks, but they also reinforce the entire wall. Installing internal windlass braces inside prevents too much movement of rocks inside, keeping the structure together. Gabions also take on their full load as soon as you are done building them. Unlike in concrete projects, you wouldn’t have to wait a certain period of time before you could rely on the strenght of a gabion wall.

Gabion walls are cheaper than concrete projects since wire mesh is one of the cheapest among all construction supplies. You can even collect stones if there are some in your area to reduce costs. If you don’t have rocks, there are alternatives such as bricks and other construction materials.

Building a gabion wall is easier since it is virtually assembling the gabion basket properly and filling it with rocks. It doesn’t require the use of any mechanical equipment, so you can definitely DIY this building project.There are several assembly kits you can buy online. If you want to have this in your outdoor area, just make sure to research well on how to DIY this great outdoor project.

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