20 Best Design Ideas for Your Rooftop Garden

Best Design Ideas for Your Rooftop Garden (11)

Today, you can bring your garden up in your favorite place, the rooftop. You can turn your terrace from a blank, bland space to a flower-filled area with you lounging comfortably facing the heavens while the setting sun paints the sky in a magical color palette. And everyday, you get to experience this even when you’re at the heart of a highly urbanized civilization.

A rooftop is a luxury not just for city life but also when you’re in the countryside. The view is just breathtaking. The lush greenery surrounds your home and the mountain standing majestically in front of you in the rural region. In the city, you get the concrete jungle which creates a beautiful skyline towering all over. A rooftop garden is a perfect addition to these beautiful sights

To help you recreate the space, here are several design ideas you may consider to turn your space into one beautiful landscape up there.

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