45 Small Cottage House Plans Ideas

45 Small Cottage House Plans Ideas (15)

Small House Plans are becoming very popular due to the changing economy. The era of “bigger is always better” is a thing of the past when it comes to home design. Today’s homeowners see the wisdom in making better use of space and resources. With energy costs continually on the rise, smaller and more efficient homes make more and more sense. With a well designed Small House Plan you can achieve the feel of a much larger house by keeping the design open and eliminating any wasted space. Small house plans come in many different styles. A small rustic cabin in the mountains or on a lake may be just what you’re looking for. In town cottages with Craftsman details are also very popular. A smaller space gives you the ability to focus on every detail making the home fit your personality perfectly.

By building smaller, you may be able to afford upgrades you might not have considered otherwise. If done correctly, a small home will have a “quality” feel because you’ll invest thought, and sweat, and money into all the details that matter to you.

We are committed to helping you get the most for your money and we’re experienced at living large in small homes. Let us help you design the perfect small home for your family.

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