20 Cozy living room trends for summer 2019

20 Cozy living room trends for summer 2019 (04)

2019 has arrived, and with it have come some pretty exciting interior design trends. Now is the perfect time to start redesigning your living room ahead of the summer, whether you fancy just a few small changes or a total overhaul. With that in mind, I’ve put together a list of my favourite trends for UK living rooms this summer.

Let’s look at colour first. The two top tones are set to be blue and emerald not necessarily to be used together, though! with blue as a wall colour, and emerald to accessorise.

If you’re keen to redecorate with blue, you’ll be pleased to hear that pretty much all shades are in fashion, which gives you lots of freedom to put your own stamp on the trend as well as pick something that actually suits your space! An interesting option I heard about is picking two shades and going for a two tone look, with the bottom half of the wall one shade and the top another.

Moving on to emerald, the key here is to accessorise well. You’re best off choosing a neutral base colour and then using emerald to create a splash of colour, such as by adding cushions or lampshade in the hue.

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