40 Best Modern Farmhouse Exterior Color Schemes Ideas

40 Best Modern Farmhouse Exterior Color Schemes Ideas (14)

A few weeks ago I told you all that we’re in the process of getting our house painted thank you crazy hail storm last summer so I’ve been searching like a mad woman for farmhouse exterior paint color ideas. Now, let me be clear here, we do not live in a traditional farmhouse. Not even close. I sure wish we did, but what we’ve got is a kinda weird looking 1980s fixer upper.

If you only know one thing about white paint, it should be that they are not all the same. With the rising popular of white homes, the number of choices has become overwhelming, and it’s impossible to tell what something really looks like from a swatch. So we’ve put together the best list to get your started: eight popular paint colors for that perfect white Modern Farmhouse exterior. Plus, read to the end to find out which of these whites we always recommend on our homes!

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