125 Stunning Front Cottage Landscaping Ideas

125 Stunning Front Cottage Landscaping Ideas (110)

With its cheerful, informal look packed with a casual abundance of plants, a cottage style landscape design always feels like home.

The exuberance of a full fledged cottage garden always enchants. Curving pathways lead to abundant flowerbeds. A relaxed atmosphere prevails. Often, a picket fence functions less as a corral and more as a beautiful prop to showcase the plants. Although Mother Nature rarely creates spaces quite this gorgeous, a cottage style landscape appears perfectly natural. The overall effect is one of simplicity, charm, and riotous bounty.

A cottage-style garden may appear to be naturally crafted and slightly out of control, but in fact, it follows a few simple rules. Use these landscape design ideas to create a look that will make any home seem like a sweet cottage.

Cottage style landscape design is relaxed and loose, not rigid or formal. To enhance the air of informality, curve the pathways and flowerbed edges. Curves entice the visitor to move farther into the garden to see what is around the bend and discover the mysteries hidden inside. Encourage plants to drape over the edges of the beds, softening the lines.

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