70 Cozy Minimalist Bedroom Design Ideas

55 Cozy Minimalist Bedroom Design Ideas

If you embrace a “less is more” outlook, if simplicity calms you down, if you’ve never really understood the appeal of knickknacks, ornate trim, oversized patterns or wild color schemes, then you’ll love the minimalist decorating style. Despite common misconception, minimalism doesn’t have to mean a bleak, lifeless room colored only in black and white it simply means decorating for function and doing away with what’s unnecessary. If you need further proof that minimalist bedrooms can be beautiful, then check out the eight rooms featured here. Serene, clean and uncluttered just looking at them is relaxing.

When it comes to furnishing the minimalist bedroom, there’s one item that just about defines the style: a platform bed. This isn’t a decorating theme that works well with elaborate canopies, sleigh beds, four-posters or other more ornate styles of furniture. A simple platform frame, often in black although other colors are equally attractive topped with solid-color bedding is a hallmark of the minimalist bedroom. You’ll also rarely find a large or elaborate headboard; frequently, there is no headboard at all. And in keeping with the style’s less-is-more feel, there shouldn’t be an abundance of throw pillows, shams or other bedding extras. A couple of toss pillows is enough.

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