100 Modern Scandinavian Christmas Tree Decor Ideas

82 Modern Scandinavian Christmas Tree Décor Ideas

Do you want to keep your Christmas decorations nice, trendy and minimal? How about try something new this holiday season? You may want to try Scandinavian Christmas decorating. Scandinavian, also known as Nordic style, is a trendy and modern decorating mainly characterized by its cozy, rustic and minimalist style. It’s all about black and white, woodsy, wreaths made of pine leaves, rustic lanterns, pinecones, twigs and tree branches.

To sum it up, Scandinavian Christmas decorating is all about minimalism. To add more colors to your decorations, you can add tree ornaments, berries, stockings and fabric decorations. We collected 100 of the most beautiful and eye-catching Scandinavian Christmas decorating ideas for your inspiration. Enjoy!

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