120 Simple Christmas Home Tour Decor Ideas

117 Simple Christmas Home Tour Decor Ideas

Well…the last weekend before Christmas is almost over. I know you all are hustling and bustling to get everything finished. There have been years around here where I wasn’t sure it would all get done…but somehow it always does. At least the important things. In recent years I have simplified where I could without giving up family traditions. My Christmas decor is easy to put up and even easier to put away. I went with a table top tree a few years ago because I couldn’t get our big one up the basement stairs. Today I’m sharing a Christmas Home Tour, but a mini, simplified version. I didn’t do much in my kitchen so I’m leaving that room out. I hope you see an idea or two you can use next year…or perhaps this year if you haven’t decorated yet. (There is still time!)

I’ve listed sources at the end so take a look and I’ll see you there!

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