95 Creative Design RV Camper Storage Ideas

64 Creative Design RV Camper Storage Ideas

An RV is great to have around in the summer, when the weather is clear and the wide-open road is safe for cross-country road trips or weekend excursions to your favorite campground. During the summer season, a curbside parked RV in front of your home can be a welcome sight a reminder of all that lies ahead once Friday afternoon rolls around. But not all of us have the space in our driveway, yard, garage, or at our curb to keep an RV or camper, and some neighborhoods face strict rules preventing RV owners from doing so. What do you do with such a huge vehicle in the winter, or in between stints of adventurous road-ruling?

The average size of a motor home is anywhere from 18 feet to 25 feet in length with a weight of approximately 3,000 pounds. When you think of the vehicle in those terms, you might wonder how you’ll ever find a place to store it. That’s where SpareFoot comes in. Enter your city or ZIP code into the search bar above to find a facility with trailer storage near you, or browse through the links of cities that are popular with other trailer storage renters below. If you need more information on RV storage, such as what types of RV storage are available and how you can prepare your RV for a stint at a storage facility, read on below.

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