27 Cozy Family Room Decorating Ideas for 2019

21 Cozy Family Room Decorating Ideas for 2019

Welcome to our gallery of family rooms by top designers around the world!

Family rooms are one of the most versatile rooms in a home.They can be a quiet study, an entertainment room, a man cave, a sitting room, or just a place to put the kids away from the adults (which is what what our family used it for when we were growing up).

Some family rooms work as a combination of multiple aspects of these rooms. For example, including a TV in a sitting room or putting a study in a room that doubles as a TV room.

We have examples of many of these rooms available to you here! Whether you’re looking for a quiet, cozy corner or a place to watch movies with the family we’ve found something to inspire your own ideas.

No matter what your design style is, or how much space you have to work with, you can make a family room. Some of our examples here are tiny spaces or narrow rooms, but they have been easily made into comfortable, cozy family rooms.

We hope that you can find something here to spark and delight ideas of your own!

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