21 Best Rug Kitchen Table Ideas for 2019

04 Best Rug Kitchen Table Ideas for 2019

In every house we’ve lived in, there always seems to be something that gets the best of me…some decor element that, no matter how much I research, analyze, brainstorm, and obsess, I just can’t seem to get right. In our current house, it’s been the rug under our kitchen table.

I first documented my rug woes here. In that post, I explained how I got not one, but two rug purchases very, very wrong despite my best efforts to get it right. At the end of that post, I conceded that we were simply going to live with the second rug (a natural braided tan and white rug), even though it was all wrong from every perspective (design, size, practicality).

It wasn’t until that rug became so unsightly thanks to dirt, food and drink spills that I decided to give a kitchen rug one more go. This time…thank goodness…I got it so very right. Today I want to show you our latest (and last!) rug for under the kitchen table and share some practical tips for truly making it work!

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